SafetyNet™ - a revolutionary new background checking and onboarding utility.

Utilizing the cognitive computing power of IBM Watson, we analyze the risks that a potential associate presents to your company.

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Not knowing who you're doing business with can be costly

Worldwide since 2013, financial institutions failing to meet AML rules for KYC have been fined more than $10 billion.

SafetyNet can expose patterns, connections and insights around persons and entities-of-interest at a depth and speed no human expert can achieve

We search over 5 billion records of High-Risk individuals

We utilize IBM Watson's ability to analyze information, at a rate of over 800 million pages per second

We combine the results with other news sources and social media searches

We partner with IBM Watson to solve cognitive computing challenges

IBM Watson: Pioneering a New Era of Computing

IBM Watson is the first open cognitive computing technology platform and represents a new era in computing where systems understand the world in the way that humans do: through senses, learning, and experience. Watson continuously learns, gaining in value and knowledge over time, from previous interactions. With the help of Watson, organizations are harnessing the power of cognitive computing to transform industries, help professionals do their jobs better, and solve important challenges.

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