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An award winning, cloud-based cognitive search tool that harnesses the power of billions of dollars of research and development in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from IBM Watson, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

SafetyNet scans through large structured and unstructured datasets, in multiple languages, at hundreds of millions of documents per second, to identify key insights around a subject-of-interest. It searches in real-time millions of global data sources including sanction lists, persons in public life lists, criminal and court records, offender registries, news sites, social media sites, and many more.

The cognitive computing platforms that SafetyNet is built on top of involves machine learning systems that use data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing to imitate human thought processes, at blazingly fast speeds.

SafetyNet helps investigators perform enhanced due diligence checks on hundreds of subjects in a relatively short period of time. Autonomously, it can monitor hundreds of thousands of subjects in real-time, sending out results with key insights whenever relevant information is found.

We have different plans that cover the needs of many industries.


KYC/AML, Customer Onboarding, Law Enforcement,

Negative News Monitoring and Legal Research.

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