SafetyNet allows human compliance experts to conduct enhanced due diligence checks on subjects-of-interest at depths and speeds that’s greater than what they can achieve on their own.

Advanced Intelligence

SafetyNet utilizes proprietary algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, to provide deep insights on subjects-of-interest. Its natural language understanding capabilities can process and “understand” millions of documents per second.

Multilingual Capability

Utilizing Natural Language Understanding, SafetyNet can process and understand information in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Most up-to-date data set

Our datasets are updated multiple times per day. In addition, during enhanced due diligence searches, SafetyNet scans the surface and deep web in real-time, ensuring that all its results contain the most recent and relevant information.

Link Analysis

Included in SafetyNet is “Visualize Connections”, a state-of-art cognitive link analysis tool that can graphically display the connections of a subject-of-interest taken from information found within structured and un-structured data.

User-Friendly Reports

SafetyNet’s results are automatically sorted into 13 categories, making it easy to find and identify the most relevant information on a subject-of-interest.

ID Verification

Included in SafetyNet is “Verify ID”, which authenticates IDs from over 200 countries. Verify ID, powered by Acuant Trusted Identity Platform, extracts data from identity documents and authenticates them using a wide range of forensic tests comparing them against the world’s largest ID repository.

Global Media Screening

During an enhanced due diligence search, SafetyNet searches thousands of global news sources, in multiple languages, in real-time.

Continuous Monitoring

SafetyNet can continuously monitor a subject-of-interest 24x7x365, automatically sending out alerts when relevant information is found.

Advanced Insights

SafetyNet scans public and enterprise datasets (SafetyNet EDD Enterprise only) to determine a subject-of-interest’s risk profile.

Secure Communications

With SafetyNet’s built-in, secure Instant Messaging app, powered by Blackberry Spark, end-users can communicate securely across their organizations via text, voice, and video.

Largest Data Set

SafetyNet contains the largest datasets of global high-risk subjects and persons in public life from over 1,800 global sanctions lists and public data sources.

Regulatory Reports

Utilize SafetyNet's built-in tools to file reports to regulators and other financial or non-financial institutions you are required to report to.

Reverse Image Search

Included in SafetyNet is “Facial Search”, a state-of-art reverse facial search tool that can receive an unidentified image of a person and with a high degree of accuracy locate the person within a facial database.

Other Features Include

Autonomous capabilities

Detail Profile Reports on a subject-of-interest can be created automatically with minimal input from the end-user. SafetyNet can autonomously identify key pieces of information and make intelligent insights on a subject-of-interest.

Developer API

Results can be securely and directly integrated into 3rd party applications via simple, but powerful APIs.

Live Reports

SafetyNet’s Profile reports (web and PDF) contain live URLs that can automatically take the end-user to the original source of the information that make up the reports.


Industries where SafetyNet is being used:

  • Financial Regulators
  • Corporate Services Firms
  • Banks/Credit Unions
  • Investment Promotion Agencies
  • Legal Firms
  • Software Developers
  • Accounting Firms
  • Real Estate Firms
  • Financial Services Firms
  • Travel Agents